Digital Mastering & Authoring Services in Madison, WI

Digital Mastering & Authoring expertise means providing consistent results. Our well-trained VIP team can help you make your project a success. We can work with you from concept to completion or provide specific services.

Digital Mastering & Authoring—Concept to Completion

Think of us as your “in-source.” We’ll help you plan your project from start to finish:

  • Production advice and technical expertise
  • Organizing the elements
  • Preparing a suitable menu
  • Combining your video, audio, animation, graphics and text into a coherent interactive presentation (with or without closed-captioning or subtitles)
  • Encoding your master in CD/DVD/Web format
  • Making 1 to 100,000 duplications/replications
  • Labeling and packaging the final product
  • Delivering your product to wherever it needs to go

We’ll even store the master for you at no charge!

This level of service is normally provided on a time and materials basis, but estimates or firm quotes can be given depending upon your needs and the complexity of the project. We strive to stay within your budget and we always alert you if we foresee a problem.

Digital Mastering & Authoring—Specific Services

When you just need someone to handle some of the production steps or details:

  • Menus—We can create, or work with you to design, interactive motion or static menus for your presentation that allow for easy, intuitive navigation through your presentation. We can do this according to your own design, or we can design them for you.
  • Encoding—We will take all the bits and pieces (multiple audio tracks, videos, graphics, print materials, animation, etc.) and convert them into digital masters ready for duplication.
  • Add Closed-Captioning or Sub-Titles—Enhance your project and expand your audience, in addition to meeting current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for specific organizations.
  • Archiving—We’ll store your masters at no charge for convenient and fast reorders. We assume no responsibility for stored items in event of fire, theft, vandalism, natural disaster, etc.

The coordinated assembly and effective distribution of your program is an important element in any successful project. Give Your Project the VIP Treatment.

Digital Mastering & Authoring—Technical Specs

We can work with virtually any media format from the archaic to the cutting edge.

  • Digital—Digital Betacam, D2, DVCPro, DV, MiniDV and DVCAM
  • Analog—BetacamSP, MII, 1″, ¾”, Hi8, SVHS, VHS
  • Standards Conversions—NTSC, PAL, M-PAL, N-PAL and SECAM
  • Encoding—MPEG-1 (video CD encoding) & MPEG 2 (video DVD encoding) through QuickTime AVIs and Web based compression

Digital Mastering & Authoring—Preparing Your Master

In order to guarantee that VIP can meet your deadlines, we recommend that you allow us to prepare your master (to your specifications) or allow us to check it over so we can be certain it meets all of the specifications below.

  • Software—Due to the wide variety of CD burning software available, clients should refer to their specific software for details. Do not use Packet Writing or UDF.
  • Recording Session—Your CD Master must be a single-session (closed-session) disc. A multi-session CD-R cannot be used.
  • Media—Always use a high-quality, non-rewriteable disc (CD-R or DVD-R). We do not recommend using -RW or +RW discs.

As always, feel free to call us for help.