DVD Duplication & Replication in Madison, WI

DVD Duplication Projects

  • Short-run projects (1 to 5,000 copies)
  • Your choice of high quality 4-color thermal gloss coat or monochrome disc printing
  • Run on industry-approved professional grade media

DVD Duplication uses a process where lasers “burn” pits and lands into a dye that is manufactured within the disc. The information on every copy is verified and the disc is then accepted or rejected. There are no bad copies. Disc burn speed has increased greatly over the years, so it is now possible to duplicate large quantities of DVDs in a very short time.

DVD Replication Projects

  • Larger projects (500 units and up)
  • Flexible deadlines (2 to 3 weeks)
  • 5-color silk screen or 5-color offset disc printing
  • 100% Playability is required
  • Copyright protection is available

DVD Replication uses an injection-molded manufacturing process that makes use of a glass master and stamps the image into the extruded polymer. The disc is then printed and lacquered for protection.

DVD Duplication & DVD Replication Pricing

DVD Replication usually offers a lower per-unit cost (if you have a need for higher volumes and don’t need your project immediately). However, there are a number of other factors that can influence your choice, including labeling, packaging and fulfillment options. We also offer contract rates and annual discounts for clients with multiple duplication projects.

Two Ways to Order

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Toll Free: 1-800-952-1416
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DVD Labeling 

VIP provides a variety of labeling alternatives. For duplication, we offer high-quality 4-color thermal gloss coat printing for the same price as 1-color. It’s like putting a laminated photo right on your disc. The colors are truer and more vibrant, images are sharper, type is crisper and the waterproof surface is almost indestructible. What’s more, this digital process gives you consistent color (the discs we run for you this month will look exactly like the ones we ran for you three months ago.)

We also offer the newest technology in Ink Jet  Printing. This is a more affordable process, and still has the vibrancy of Thermal Printing.

For replication we offer 5-color silk screen or 5-color off-set printing.

DVD Design Services

We offer total design services for disc labels, printed wraps, inserts or booklets as well for the package itself.

DVD Print Services

For duplication, we can provide in-house high quality 4-color printing of package wraps, inserts or booklets. This allows us to maintain control of all aspects of your duplication project to help us meet your deadlines.

DVD Templates

If you prefer to do your design work, our templates will give you labeling and packaging specifications that can be printed or downloaded. DVD Labeling & Packaging Templates Files

Our templates are PDF documents; you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Submitting Your Artwork

Your artwork can be submitted via

  • Zip disk
  • CD
  • Floppy disc
  • Email – We accept high resolution (300 dpi or greater) artwork compatible with these software programs:
    • Photoshop (version CS5 or earlier)
    • Illustrator (version CS2 or earlier)
    • InDesign (version CS2 or earlier)
    • Acrobat
    • Quark 8

If you have questions about other formats supported, contact Charles at 608-222-9588 or email him at [email protected] to insure we have the proper resources. We request a hard copy of the artwork to confirm color and layout. For further information, please click on the link below to view the Submitting Your Artwork document.
Submitting Your Artwork.doc

Approving Your Artwork Online

VIP is pleased to offer the online convenience of label approval. If you have multiple labels to be approved we will forward you a link to an online review/approval interface. The link will direct you to our secure on-line label approval site. Once there, click on the thumbnails or arrow button to review each item. For each item, please check either the “Approved” box (if there are no changes) or the “Other” box and indicate the necessary changes by clicking in the text area below and typing in your comments. When complete, click the “E-Mail Feedback” button. When the prompt box opens, enter your name and click “OK”. This will open an e-mail message addressed to VIP. Click “Send” and your feedback will be forwarded to VIP.

DVD Packaging

We have access to virtually every packaging option available within the industry. These are the most popular. If you don’t see exactly what you want, please ask. We’ll find it.

Single Disc Options

Top of the Line

DVD AMARAY CASES (click on photo for larger image)

Standard Black Standard White Standard Clear Slimline Black
Standard Black
Standard White
Standard Clear
Slimline Black

Standard Black – often called ‘library cases’, these durable snap-shut units offer the perfect combination of protection, ease of use, custom outside graphics and inside space for print materials. The easy-release push button hub holds your DVD securely. Inside front-cover tabs keep your insert or booklet in place. The full clear vinyl outer sleeve highlights your 4-color wrap (front, back and spine label).

Standard White – the eye-catching white case gives added ‘pop’ to your print graphics.

Standard Clear – adds the option of two sided printing on your wrap. When the case is open you can provide additional information and/or highlight your DVD.

Slimline Black – has all the features of a standard case in a thinner space-saving size.

Preferred Retail Display

DVD JEWEL CASES (click on photo for larger image)

Jewel Case DVD Trays Assembled
Jewel Case
DVD Trays

Jewel Case – the crystal clear case allows your artwork to sparkle and offers a number of options to suit your tastes and your budget. While not exactly fragile, a jewel case is more breakable than an Amaray case. The front lid has tabs to hold an insert printed on one side and folded, or an insert printed on two sides, and/or a booklet. The back of the case will hold an insert that provides display graphics for the back and one or both spines. ( Many larger retailers will not accept discs unless they have spine labels.)

DVD Trays – a standard jewel case requires a separate tray which must be inserted. Trays are embossed with the DVD emblem and come in black or clear, single or double size.

Assembled – a standard jewel box assembly includes your DVD with 1 to 5 color thermal printed face, DVD tray, front insert printed 1 to 5 colors ( 1 or 2 sided ), back insert printed 1 to 5 colors with spine label(s) and a booklet (optional).

Everyday Wear and Tear

DVD SLIMLINE POLYCASES (click on photo for larger image)

Clam Shell Polypak Polybox
Clam Shell

Clam Shell – a popular choice, this thin little case is flexible and light weight. It protects against scratches and dust while preserving shelf space. It clicks shut at the center ring and the see-through plastic allows identification without opening the case (also in blue tint).

Polypak – this thin little case with rounded edges and frosted corners highlights your DVD and provides the same benefits as the C-shell. It snaps shut on the edge opposite the hinge.

Polybox – this thin durable little see-through case has tabs in the front cover to hold a print insert. It snaps shut on all three open edges for added security.

Storage and Delivery


(click on photo for larger image)

Paper Sleeve
Tyvek Sleeve
Double Adhesive
Clear Poly

Paper – this budget minded envelope with folding flap for protection and clear 4” window is great for tradeshows and promotional giveaways.

Tyvek – this extra smooth durable (will not tear) envelope was developed primarily to be a cost effective space saving alternative for disc storage.

Adhesive Backed Vinyl – this padded envelope is lined with non-woven white material to reduce scratching. The mottled texture prevents sticking and a flap holds the disc in place. A peel-off sheet on the back exposes the full case adhesive for easy storage in any album or 3-ring-binder with pages.

Double Adhesive Clear Poly – this light weight clear plastic envelope features a peel-off sheet on the back that exposes the full case adhesive. The re-sealable flap is held in place by a front adhesive patch with a removable protective strip. Consider this option when you want to attach your DVD to a book, manual or magazine.

Standard Paperboard
Custom Packaging

Standard Paperboard Mailer – this flat disc-only mailer comes assembled and glued with an open top slot. The quick closing ‘peel and seal’ flap also has a tear strip for easy opening. Resistant to bending, folding and corner damage and designed to comply with postal regulations, this mailer offers an economical means of distribution.

Custom Packaging- available in several sizes, densities and finishes, a well-designed custom made package can put the final professional touch on your project. We can help you with all aspects from design through printing and assembly.

Multi-Disc Options

CASES (click on photo for larger image)
Double Amaray
Jewel Tray
Clam Shell

Double Amaray – securely holds and protects two DVDs. Two inner clips on spine hold print materials. Full clear vinyl outer sleeve highlights your 4-color wrap (front, back and spine label). Also available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 disc sizes.

Double Jewel Tray – the standard crystal clear retail-preferred box also accommodates black or clear double trays for two DVDs as well as front and back & spine inserts.

Double Clam Shell – the two sided center has hubs on each side to hold two DVDs. The two covers snap closed on the hubs. The faces of both discs are visible.

BINDERS & ALBUMS (click on photo for larger image)

Black vinyl
White album

Vinyl Binder – durable space saving design accommodates up to twelve DVDs. Double sided plastic sleeves help protect discs and metal 2-ring-binder holds them in place. The full clear vinyl outer sleeve highlights your 4-color wrap (front, back and spine label).

White Album – this impressive heavy-duty case snaps shut with a reassuring sound. It holds up to twenty-four DVDs in plastic sleeves clipped into a metal 2-ring-binder. With fewer discs, the extra space can be used for print materials. The full clear vinyl outer sleeve highlights your 4-color wrap (front, back and spine label).